Website Reskin Process

Understanding The Website Reskin Process

Before we go through our process it's important to know what a website reskin actually is and and what it in-tales.

Our version of a website reskin involves taking an out-dated or dysfunctional website and rebuilding it to fit the needs of the modern market.

We'll re purpose images and text from your original site, as well as colour pallets and logos. Ensuring that your website stays recognisable to your existing customer but benefits from a much needed refresh.

Reskins are usually cheaper because they don't involve as much build time, due to the majority of the content being already available to our designers.

Our Process

Similar to our usual web design process as seen on the home page here, we'll provide you with a Free Preview of what your reskin could look like for your website.

We start by having an over the phone consultation to discuss your brand vision and what you'd like to see from your new and improved website.

Within the following 48 hours you'll receive a live preview link directing you to your interactive preview allowing you to see and experience how your new site will feel and function. If you decide to go ahead with the build you can now use this link to follow along in real time and watch progress being made on your site, live as it happens.

If you liked the Preview and want to carry on we'll then take a refundable deposit to secure the build slot in our diary. Don't worry, if at any time during the build, you decide the website isn't for you or you change your mind we will refund this deposit straight away.

We now enter the build phase where your designer will continue to transfer assets from your old site to your new one, we can also add new features at this point on request often without any extra charge. This usually takes 3-4 days.

By this time we've reached the evaluation stage where 95% of the site is complete and only minor tweaks are left to be made. We'll discuss what needs to be changed and what can be improved. Often these changes can be made right there and then.

Finally your designer will spend one more day optimising the site for mobile and desktop, transferring your domain, bug testing and connecting socials ( please note connecting socials sometimes involves giving us access to the accounts to make the connection, we never store login information and we never stay logged in ). 

Finally we'll transfer full ownership of the site to you. Unlike our competitors we don't bind you to us in a contract and we don't ever keep control over your website. You will be the sole owner and you can choose whether to give us collaborator access or not. We'll send you an invoice with the remaining balance to settle, once we've received confirmation of payment we'll send you the transfer link.

We'll of course show you around your new dashboard and customisation tools, then after that if you have any problems beyond this point feel free to contact us on any of our platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Email

To Request a reskin fill out our Request a Quote Form or Message us through facebook messenger using the Blue Bubble in the bottom right hand corner.